WildStar Promotes a Pay It Forward Campaign

WildStar wants you to Pay It Forward, minus Haley Joel Osment.

Let Montague’s Mount Chill You In This Trailer

This first person mystery game looks to be a cool take on the genre. Come check it out.

World of Warcraft Tribute Book Now Available for Pre-Order

Blizzard gives a nod to the fans with their upcoming World of Warcraft art book.

Enter A Dark Room

This browser-based game is easily one of the most surprising experiences you'll play all year.

See Your Enemy In This Routine Trailer

Are you pumped for getting hunted in pristine space stations? You should be. You will be.

Return To The Sky Is A Gorgeous Platformer

With excellent music and art, Return to the Sky is a DigiPen game you should check out.

Fake Advertisement From The World Of Star Citizen

So the Star Citizen devs have decided to do something really neat and made this fake starship advertisement. Posturing as a product from the...

Hotline Miami 2 Trailer Dips Into The Old Ultra-Violence

The sequel to one of last year's best games gets a sequel.

Assassin’s Creed IV Dev Commentary Video

Listen to a dev detail systems from the E3 demo.

Project Shield Gets Priced, Release Date

Nvidia's handheld system is coming out quite soon.

Xbox One Changes: Disc Sharing Returns, Family Plan Departs

Interviews with Marc Whitten reveal that the loss of online connectivity comes with the loss of features.

Xbox One-Eighty: Microsoft Regional/Used Game Restrictions & Online Requirements Reversed

Following a harsh backlash from the video gaming community, Microsoft has decided to step back from their online connectivity policies.

Video Demonstration of Xbox One Game Lending Policy

A Youtube user details his take on sharing Xbox One games.

Wal-Mart Still Has PlayStation 4 Bundles Left For Launch Day… In November?

If you're interested in preordering a PlayStation 4 for launch day, you'd be out of luck with most retailers. The competition between Microsoft and...

UK Publication Prints PS4 Potential Release Date

A U.K. advert claims the Sony console will be arriving in November.