Hey SupaBoy, SEGA Nomad Called – It Wants Its Idea Back

Have you been dying to see your classic SNES games turned portable so you can enjoy them anywhere?

The Worlds Greatest Super Nintendo Cake Is Not A Lie

Finally, the time has come. Wow, just wow. We now have a glimpse at the most realistic, authentic Super Nintendo cake ever created by man. Such detail has been poured into every last bit of this masterpiece . . .

Nintendo Collectors Journal 10/21/2010

This week I was able to obtain a decent amount of Nintendo goods. I was able to pick up ...

Nintendo Collectors Journal 9/30/2010

This is my largest Nintendo Collectors Journal to date, so hang in there! The first thing I have to show off this week is my latest issue of Nintendo Power Magazine. I love the cover and am especially happy ...

The Legend of Pants

Since Nintendo revealed The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword at E3, people have been abuzz about the game. Some have spoken of the 1:1 motion controls, as well as the potential issue that presents for left-handed folk. Some have discussed the art style, and others the plot. And some... have discussed Link's pants.

Marvel at This Mighty Mass of Marios

Here at RipTen, we love Mario. Heck, who doesn't? But even we haven't played everything.

Emulation: Breathing New Life Into Old Games?

I recently found out that I can play PSX games on my Droid phone. That was a good day. It was also a day...

Super Metroid vs. the Internet

Ever wonder how a classic, revered game such as Super Metroid would stand up to the harsh, cynical nature of the modern internet had it been released today?

Five O’Clock Fan Art: Donkey Kong Country

If Donkey Kong had looked like this in the original game, I think Mario would've thought twice before climbing those girders. Yeesh ...

Aero the Acro-bat to Tumble on to Virtual Console

Once Sonic the Hedgehog hit the scene in the 90's, it seemed as though nearly every game company in the market wanted to try their hand at creating a clever "mascot" character, usually an animal of some sort wearing clothing and sporting "attitude." And one such character starred in the title role of Sunsoft's Aero the Acro-bat.

Third Annual Zeldathon Raising Funds for the National Children’s Advocacy Center

The 2010 charity Zelda marathon is revving its engine today, ready to get off to a flying start today (Monday, June 5th) at 6pm EDT. The marathon will run for 72 hours, and will be raising money for the National Children's Advocacy Center, a charity that is doing its bit to prevent child abuse.

Retro Classics to Be Updated for Nintendo 3DS

Nintendo have already announced that Ocarina of Time will be coming to the 3DS, but a handful of NES and SNES classics including Yoshi's Island have also been revealed to be coming to the system.

Witness A Classy Zelda Themed Wedding (Video)

Gather round everyone, as Kotaku shares a very special "Kotaku Cut" Zelda themed wedding video, uniting one of their readers (Kyle) with his beautiful...

Zeldathon Gaming Marathon to Raise Money for the National Children’s Advocacy Center (NCAC)

It seems like every week there's a new gaming marathon that's raising money for a new charity, but it's not a bad trend. We...

Fan Made Zelda Movie: The Hero of Time

Update: Nintendo has squashed the dream of the film makers asking them to take down the video -- which they did. I guess it's...