Nintendo Announces Two New Wii Bundles Amidst Reports of Below-Expected Earnings

After financial shortfalls and console price drops, Nintendo is making one last push to get the Wii into your living room.

Man Convicted Of Pirating Almost $12 Million In Nintendo Games Set To Walk The...

A lengthy investigation has helped put a prolific (and highly profitable) Nintendo pirate in permanent drydock.

RipTen Review: Skylanders Giants (360)

Is Skylanders Giants as good as the predecessor or is it a complete money sink? Well... yes, actually. Just depends who you are.

Both Nintendo and Microsoft Drop Console Prices Ahead of Holiday Season

Two of the gaming giants are rolling out new bundles and rolling back prices in an effort to secure a place under your Christmas tree.

Broadway Showtunes Set to Hit Wii this September

Now you can be part of the hit musical, Cats (now and for the foreseeable future at the Winter Garden Theatre)! Creepy feline costume not required.

Skylanders: Giants” Latest Addition May Cause an Infestation

Don't bug out at the sight of a new Skylanders Giant. OK, we'll stop with the puns.

The King Nintendo Fanboy’s Collectors Journal 7/18/2012

The King Nintendo Fanboy adds a variety of goods to his collection!

With So Many Player Choices, Will You Decide to Play Epic Mickey 2?

Developer Warren Spector explains just how important your decisions are to what happens in his upcoming sequel.

Nintendo Won’t Be Developing Call of Duty-Type Games, Iwata Confirms

If you're hoping of a Super Mario FPS game on the Wii U, your hopes may have just been dashed.

Nintendo Download 7/12/2012

A jam packed week for the Nintendo Download featuring classics, brand new titles, and a solid sale. Oh, and Big Time Rush.

Club Nintendo Year-End Rewards Revealed

Did you register enough Nintendo products to earn this cool swag?

Nintendo Download 7/5/2012

Nintendo adds more titles to their digital shops. This week offers up Zelda, baseball, golf, tennis, and a demo for Heroes of Ruin.

Nintendo Download 6/21/2012

More titles have been added to Nintendo's digital shops! Manage a restaurant, play sudoku with fruit and... save some furies. Um...