The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim – 150 “Ultra” Quality Screens To Die For

If my previous musings about Skyrim were roughly 7000 words, then these 150 screens should be worth roughly over 9000.

Nobody Will Ever See How Cool Your Skyrim Graphics Card Looks

What's better than a GeForce 560ti GPU? A PNY Skyrim Edition 560ti!!

Warner Addresses Arkham City PC Issues – Says DX 11 Patch Is Coming

Even after being delayed, Arkham City is having PC issues. The game is currently...

Nvidia Releases Battlefield 3 Performance Tweaking Guide

If you're having some issues tweaking your game for maximum performance, Nvidia's got a guide for ya soldier.

These Are The Skyrim PC System Requirements

You've waited long enough. Bethesda has finally revealed the PC system requirements for The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim.

New Nvidia Drivers Released Just in Time for Battlefield 3!

Just in time for the launch of Battlefield 3, Nvidia has released brand new drivers to improve your "performance"

Battlefield 3 is Not Broken, The (Almost) Final Build is Magnificent

I am proud to report that Battlefield 3 (on PC at least) is finally ready for action.

Nvidia and DICE Kick off the GeForce LAN With a Bang (Video)

The USS Hornet is now home to the Nvidia GeForce LAN 6. A three day celebration of PC gaming.

Nvidia Unveils 3DVision 2. Bigger, Better, Sleeker and Cheaper.

With their new tech, Nvidia is making the entry barrier into 3DPC gaming smaller than ever.

84% of PC Gamers Will Want To Upgrade For Battlefield 3

A new study released by Valve and Nvidia shows that a serious percentage of PC can't handle BF3.

Research Shows PC Game Sales Will Eclipse Console Game Sales by 2014

"Madness! How can that be possible!? Nobody buys PC games anymore, they hardly even sell them in stores!"

Battlefield 3 GeForce LAN BYOC Spots Sell Out in Two Hours

The BYOC (bring your own computer) section for Nvidia's upcoming GeForce LAN has already sold out

RAGE PC System Requirements Revealed – Can You Handle id?

id Software's RAGE is finally close to release, and PC gamers want to know - can I run it?!

Nvidia Is Throwing a BYOC Battlefield 3 LAN Party on an Aircraft Carrier!!

PC Gaming is not dead. Not because Razer just announced a ridiculous $3,000 gaming laptop, but because of events like Quake Con and the GeForce LAN.

Razer Announces The Razer “Blade” Gaming Laptop. Mind Blowing Specs, Size and Price

Today, Razer has announced the Razer Blade - one bad ass mother of a gaming laptop.