EA to Cancel Facebook Games in June

Not even EA is surprised that no one seems to be playing Facebook games anymore.

Family Friendly Marvel Super Hero Squad Racks Up Over 5 Million Users

Marvel Super Hero Squad Online moves into its second year for kid-friendly butt kicking.

Bethesda Calls Curtains On Skyrim, Prepares For “Next Adventure”

While your adventure in the lands of Skyrim might be far from over, Bethesda is riding off into the sunset and setting their sights on new projects.

World of Warcraft Brings More Brawl to the Brawler’s Guild in Upcoming 5.3 Patch

WoW developers promise to bring more pain to their rendition of Fight Club in upcoming patch.

Ripping Through The Streets In Grid 2’s Multiplayer (Hands On)

Get yourself strapped in for our impressions of Grid 2.

RipTen Review: BioShock Infinite (Xbox 360)

A bold new vision of the BioShock universe is upon us. Does this strange and beautiful bird help the series soar to new heights, or has it flown a little too close to the sun? Read on to find out.

Defiance Preview

I’m not a journalist. I have never professed to be, and I won’t ever begin to do so. However, through a difficult to replicate turn of events, I was asked to don the hat of a journalist in RipTen’s most recent coverage of Defiance. This is my story.

Defiance Hits Shelves Today – Shows Off Launch Trailer

Trion Worlds MMO shooter Defiance launches today. You can check out the game's launch trailer right here.

The Walking Dead Available at European, Australian and New Zealand Retailers in May

If you're a European gamer who missed out on Telltale's critically adored The Walking Dead episodic adventure game series last year, you're in luck. Starting on...

Thief Trailer Sneaks Into The Limelight – Stephen Russell Need Not Apply

Get ready for some stealthy, immoral action in this new trailer for Eidos' upcoming Thief.

TERA: Rising To Get New and Exciting Small-Ass Monsters

En Mass Entertainment's action-MMO, TERA: Rising, will soon be getting a brand new PVE element.  The announcement came today, April 1st, that a counter-point to...

AMD teases Radeon HD 7990 at GDC 2013

Some welcome news for AMD fans that are suffering from GTX Titan envy, as AMD has teased the actual existence of a Radeon HD 7990...

Torment: One Week Remains to Fund Two Crucial Stretch Goals

Wondering why Torment's last few stretch goals are so important to hit? Let me tell you.

Jay Wilson Admits Auction Houses Hurt Diablo III

A year later, Diablo III's Game Director admits that the Auction Houses were a bad idea.

New Grid 2 Trailer Showcases European Locations

Codemasters has showed off the "European Expansion" trailer for the upcoming racer Grid 2, showcasing some of the European locations, clubs and cars that will...