Vote for Your Favorite Darksiders II: Collector’s Edition Cover

THQ wants YOU to choose the cover art for the Collector's Edition of Darksiders II.

Epic’s Unreal Engine 3 Licensed to NCsoft For Blade&Soul and Future Titles

Epic Games and NCsoft have once again teamed up, with the two studios announcing today that Epic's award winning Unreal 3 Engine has been licensed to NCsoft for future titles.

Edge of Reality Announces New Multiplayer Shooter “Loadout”

Developer Edge of Reality has announced a new free-to-play multiplayer shooter, and it's looking delightfully delightful.

Awesome Battlefield 3 Kill Gets Re-Created in Real Life

Watch an awesome BF3 kill get recreated in real life.

EA Announces a SimCity Reboot

EA just announced at GDC that SimCity is back. I already wonder at what natural disasters I can rain down upon them...

BioWare Releases Trailer for SWTOR’s Update 1.2 – Legacy

To whet appetites for what's to come, BioWare have released a trailer for the Legacy update.

Battlefield 3 to Get Three New Expansions this Year

EA has just announced that BF3 will get three new expansion packs within the year! Read on for descriptions and what awaits you.

SWTOR’s Patch 1.1.5 Now Live

BioWare released the latest patch for Star Wars: The Old Republic overnight.

Play From Dust in Your Google Chrome Browser When it Hits Next Month

There are just certain moments when I see a cool piece of technology that I just want to excitedly run down the street and yell, "Guys! The future! It's here!"

Counter-Strike: Global Offensive Coming This Summer Without Cross-Platform Play

Alas, no cross-platfrom play for Counter-Strike: Global Offensive.

RipTen Review: J.U.L.I.A. (PC)

Before you ask, I still haven't actually figured out what J.U.L.I.A. stands for.

Trion Assures RIFT Players – “We’re Just Getting Started”

Rift's 1st Anniversary video delves back through the MMO's history and hints at what to expect in the future.

A Slew of Content Slated for SWTOR’s 1.2 Legacy Patch in April

BioWare has drawn back the curtain on the next major content patch for Star Wars: The Old Republic.

Activision: ‘Call of Duty’ is Just Like the NFL

Eric Hirshberg, CEO of Publishing for Activision, doesn't see the franchise slowing down anytime soon...He even compares the game franchise to the NFL.

DUST 514 to be Free-to-Play, Exclusive to PlayStation 3

Earlier today, CCP announced that their upcoming MMOFPS, DUST 514 will be released as free-to-play to the PlayStation 3 console via the PlayStation Network.