Hawken Team Raises $10M In Funding

The team behind Hawken is raising funds, but more importantly, they are helping change how we game.

Mass Effect 3 Pre-Orders Well Ahead of ME2, Targets Already Broken

Mass Effect 3 is already smashing through pre-order expectations, but is that because of a simultaneous PS3 release?

World of Warplanes Reveals Soviet Tech Tree in Latest Video

Wargaming.net has released a new video previewing the latest tech tree for World of Warplanes, with the focus being firmly on the Soviet faction.

GameStop Is Bringing PC Downloads Into The Store

GameStop is moving into new territory and a seemingly small press release may end up hinting about their future.

inXile Using Kickstarter to Fund Wasteland Reboot

Apparently, Double Fine's Kickstarter has inspired inXile to do the same for the Wasteland reboot.

DDO’s Menace of the Underdark Expansion to Launch June 25

Turbine is celebrating the 6th anniversary of Dungeons and Dragons Online by...

Medal of Honor: Warfighter Out this October, More Details Outed

More details regarding Medal of Honor: Warfighter spills out. Oh, and there's multiplayer details, too!

Check Out The Battlefield 1942 Intro Redone With Frostbite 2

Watch Battlefield 1942's intro done with Battlefield 3.

Avast! Preview Ho! Piranha Bytes’ ‘Risen 2: Dark Waters’ is a Rum-Soaked ARRRPG

We take a hands-on first look at Piranha Bytes' latest pirate RPG, Risen 2: Dark Waters.

New Video Game Releases: Feb 27 – Mar 4

For an end of February release week you really can't complain. A strong list of varied releases ushers the change of season.

PlanetSide 2’s Sky Lance Prototype Detailed in Time-Lapse Video

SOE remains hard at work developing upcoming MMOFPS PlanetSide 2, with a new video released today introducing the community to he prototype Sky Lance weapon.

To Infinity And…Where’d It Go? Mass Effect 3 Gets Stuck In a Tree.

A copy of Mass Effect 3 has been launched into space...and is now stuck in a tree. LOLZ.

RE: Operation Raccoon City ‘Brutality Trailer’ is Brutal – PC Version Deploys May 18th

Capcom has released a new trailer for RE: Operation Raccoon City which is appropriately named "Brutality Trailer".

EA’s ‘NBA Live’ is Alive Again

EA is trying to put the ball in the hoop again, resurrecting the NBA Live franchise.

Last Minute Video Game Deals: 40% Trade-In Boost, Plus Buy Two Get One Free...

This week's edition of Video Game Deals of the Week features a combination of last minute promotions and other savings.