E3 2011: Hands On Arkham City – It’s Bigger, But Will It Be Better?

From what I saw in the time that I spent with the game at E3, Arkham City looks and feels just as gritty and dark as the Asylum that preceded it...

E3 2011: Hands On End of Nations – The Game the RTS Genre Needs...

For those RTS fans out there, it's a basically well accepted fact that the genre has become inadvertently stale.

Mutant Mudds Impressions (3DS eShop)

Before Mutant Mudds existed as a retro style 3DS eShop title it was known as ...

escapeVektor: Chapter 1 Impressions (WiiWare)

A few days ago I was fortunate enough to meet up with the fine folks for Nnooo to take a look at their upcoming game escape:Vektor: Chapter 1 for WiiWare.

E3 2011: Halo Anniversary Impressions

Although it was only officially shown and announced on Monday, Halo Anniversary is one of the biggest titles on my radar.

E3 2011: Torchlight II – The Biggest and Best Dungeon Crawler Since Diablo –...

Torchlight II is a dungeon crawling heaven, the nirvana of loot grinding and hoard slaying.

E3 2011: Ghost Recon: Future Soldier – Hands On Impressions

With Future Soldier being in existence for well over a year, it's about damn time that we finally got some hands on time with Ubisoft's revolutionary tactical third-person shooter.

E3 2011: Mass Effect 3 Gameplay Impressions

Dave Oshry and I are back from the EA keynote and holy hell, you're not going to believe how awesome Mass Effect 3 looks.

Hands On Skullgirls – All The Best Features in One Sexy Fighting Game?

When I first saw Skullgirls in action I thought it looked like a mediocre port of Marvel v Capcom 3. A few hours (and a couple of beers) later...

Playing El Shaddai: A Trippy, Gorgeous, Wild Ride

El Shaddai was born from the minds of men who helped to crate Devil May Cry, Okami, Viewtiful Joe, Final Fantasy 8, Cowboy Bebop and Ghost in the Shell S.A.C.

The Witcher 2 – A Pre-Review To Die For

If what I've played so far is any indication of what's left to come, this game has the potential to be one of the greatest RPGs I've ever played... and I've played 'em all.

The Witcher 2 – 250 More “Ultra” Quality Screens To Die For

Once again, with my visual settings on "Ultra", I set forth to conquer the next section of The Witcher 2.

Gears of War 3: Looks Better, Plays Better, Is Better Than The Rest

Epic Games has worked tirelessly on turning the third and final game into something of such a high caliber that it almost feels like a brand new game...

The Witcher 2 – 125 “Ultra” Quality Screens To Die For

CDProjekt has been nice enough to provide me with a preview build of the Witcher 2. Better yet, they've said it's a-ok to post as many screens as I like.

Playing With The Xperia Play – Way More Solid Than We Expected

No, the Xperia Play isn't out in the US yet - and no, we don't have one to review yet. However, we did...