Finally, an Update on the New Pac-Man Cartoon… and the Old, Too

Remember this? A long, long time ago-- 20 months, if you want to get right down to it-- we learned that longstanding Namco mascot Pac-Man was due to receive his very own animated television show. The 3D animated show was originally planned for a 2012 release, but following its E3 debut, little (if anything) was heard after from the company of co-producer Avi Arad. That is, until now.

RipTen Retrograde: Choplifter III (SNES, 1993)

A touching story about one guy in a helicopter who is better than an entire country's military.

Midway Arcade Brings Retro Gaming To iOS

Get your old-school Midway fix with ten of their arcade games available now on iOS.

RipTen Retrograde: Hydlide (NES, 1989)

You better appreciate this everyone- I played Hydlide for you.

Ten Funny Scripted Video Game Jokes

Games can create funny situations- but there are loads of scripted jokes too. Here are ten great ones.

RipTen Retrograde: Fallout 2

In the first entry of Ripten's fairly irreverent journey through the wayback machine in over a year, Black Isle's second entry in the Fallout series is played and analyzed.

Student’s SEGA Dreamcast 2 Industrial Design Project Revives Beloved Console

Ambitious designers like Elie Ahovi remind us that it's not too late, it's never too late.

Marky Mark’s Terrorist Vibrations: Exclusive First Look

When acts of terrorism happen in the past, Mark Wahlberg could have saved us all. Rated M for "Moron."

Geeked Out: World’s Largest NES Controller Brings New Meaning To Co-op

This piece of retro gaming hardware is not only super cool looking, it's fully functional too!

Geeked-Out: Tecmo Bowl Tebow Time Shirt Delivers 8-Bit Tebowing To Your Chest

Combine the Tecmo Bowl sensation of the 80s with the Tim Tebow craze of today and you get this shirt.

Worms is back as Team 17 Joins

It's return of the silly voices today as Team17 brings the original Worms to computers across the land, launching on

RipTen Review: Sonic CD (XBLA)

If you are a Sonic fan, especially a Classic Sonic fan, there is absolutely no reason for you not to own this game.

UK and Japan 3DS “Ambassadors” Get Their Free Games On Friday, Includes Zelda: Minish...

Those who bought their 3DS consoles before the price drop in the UK and Japan will be getting a slew of free GameBoy Advance games on Friday.

RipTen Review: BurgerTime World Tour (XBLA)

BurgerTime is what Donkey Kong '94 was to Donkey Kong, or Super Castlevania IV was to Castlevania.

RipTen Review: Daytona USA (XBLA)

Ready for a trip down memory lane at 130 miles per hour? The SEGA classic is back and ready to stand the test of time.