The Jersey Shore RPG – Fist Pumping For The Win

I am at a loss for words at the sheer brilliance of this. The situation is that I want to play this game right now.

Daily Deal: 50% Off GoG Community Favorites!!

That's right, this weekend only you can get games like Duke Nukem 3d, MYST, Interstate '76, Psychonauts and more for half off!! What are you waiting for!?

Nintendo Collectors Journal 9/30/2010

This is my largest Nintendo Collectors Journal to date, so hang in there! The first thing I have to show off this week is my latest issue of Nintendo Power Magazine. I love the cover and am especially happy ...

Ripten Review: SEGA Megadrive Classic Collection Vol.1 (PC)

Once, back in the long-long ago, SEGA made good games. Games that rivaled Nintendo's in terms of greatness and set the stage for ...

Official Statement on Closure Coming Wednesday

The staff at the recently shut down have posted an update to the website, adding a few more details about the closure as well as the notification that the full official statement will be coming on Wednesday.

Chu Chu Rocket Coming to iPhone, Potentially XBLA and PSN

At a Sega event celebrating the Dreamcast, an 11-year old dead console, the company have announced Chu Chu Rocket for iPhone and iPad. They also note that the game could end up coming out on XBLA and PSN...

Real Life Lemmings Invade Boston

The Pranksters at ZUG are probably best-known for their Michael Jackson Impersonation prank. Recently, they got together a few dozen people and did a re-enactment of one of my favorite video games, Lemmings.

Space Invaders: Infinity Gene Dated For PSN and Xbox Live

Space Invaders: Infinity Gene is set for release on September 14th for both PSN and Xbox Live. Originally released in 2009 for the iphone, Infinity Gene is a modern update of the ground breaking 70's classic.

Fan Reimagines Sonic & Knuckles in Amazing Video

Everyone has a different idea about how to modernize a classic series. Some believe that 3D graphics and gameplay are the way, while...

Japanese Sonic 4 Website Reveals New Lost Labyrinth Zone Screens (Update 2)

Earlier this year, a preliminary version of Sonic the Hedgehog 4: Episode 1 was leaked. Reaction from the head-start hedgehog huggers was poor, and SEGA took the game back into development, delaying its release so they could ...

Nintendo Collectors Journal 7/23/2010

I was able to get a lot of cool Nintendo stuff this week. Mostly thanks to my sister and I competing in the Wii Games Summer 2010 tournament that netted us a lot of free Nintendo Swag.

Lost Nintendo Games Volume 2. Joy Mecha Fight

Joy Mecha Fight was released in Japan on May 23, 1993 for the Famicom. For those who don’t know the Famicom is the Japanese version of the Nintendo Entertainment System. This fighting game never ...

The Chipophone: A Chiptune Electric Organ

When Swedish software engineer and musician Linus Åkesson was given an old electric organ, he didn't just resign it to the corner of the room. No, he first turned it into an amazing chiptune-playing masterpiece, capable of putting out endless amounts of classic music from the old days of gaming on the fly- and then put it in the corner of the room...

This is a Super Subtle Star Fox Shirt

Joseph Baum has designed a wonderfully subtle Star Fox T-Shirt- and guess what? It's for sale. As you can see, the shirt features Peppy Hare, Slippy Toad, Fox himself, and Falco Lombardi, all nonchalantly standing on the moon.

Pac-Man Entering Video Game Hall of Fame

Pac-Man and Namco founder Masaya Nakamura are to be entered into the International Video Game Hall of Fame in a few weeks' time. This comes as a part of the Hall of Fame's "Big Bang 2010" event, which will feature tournaments, celebrities, concerts, and a whole lot of Pac-Man...