Slouching Onward: State of Decay Impressions

We've spent a few hours with the hit XBLA game. Here are some thoughts.

Xbox One-Eighty: Microsoft Regional/Used Game Restrictions & Online Requirements Reversed

Following a harsh backlash from the video gaming community, Microsoft has decided to step back from their online connectivity policies.

Xbox the Amish – Microsoft Brand Readjustment

If we can Fitch the Homeless we can certainly Xbox the Amish, and if they find use for the Xbox One, maybe we're all just over reacting.

Insomniac’s Ted Price Explains Sunset Overdrive “Only on Xbox One” E3 Statement

RipTen spoke to Ted Price at E3 and asked him what he meant by his only on Xbox One statement.

Sony E3 2013 Press Conference: A Stunning Blow

Defining itself against its competitor, Sony closed day zero of E3 with strong positions and strong games.

Madden 25 Connected Franchise Will ‘Transition in Full’ to Xbox One and PS4

The Xbox One and PS4 versions of Madden 25 looks great, but will it have the depth found in the current gen release?

Next-Gen Or No Gen?

I've been on the horns of a dilemma since the Xbox One reveal. I'm a bit disillusioned, a bit suspicious, and a bit worse for wear, but I made it through.

When Giants Walked The Earth: Reus Impressions

A few hours produced a few hiccups, but Reus is a game you should be excited about.

Rolling In A Lonely Paradise: An InFlux Preview

InFlux is a surprisingly soothing game. Maybe it’s the blue hue and light emanating from the metal sphere that serves as the player avatar in...

NFL Video Game Character Draft

The first round of the real 2013 NFL Draft takes place in just a few hours and while the NCAA has some stellar athletes to offer pro ball, the video game world could make quite an impact as well.

This Soon-To-Be Father Wants Gears For Baby

With a baby on the way, I must admit that my thought process is a bit skewed right now. Still, I think this is a must have product line for Epic Games.

Fly Over Batman: Arkham Origins Gotham City, 3D Model Generated in Google Sketchup

I'm a big superhero video game fanatic and with Batman: Arkham Origins announced I couldn't help myself from trying to see what the world map would look as a 3D model.

Fan Made Live Action Dead Space Trailer

If you're a fan of the Dead Space series, now on it's third installment, do yourself a favor and watch this live action fan-made trailer dubbed "Chase to Death."

Xbox LIVE Servers Go Down, Hacked? Not So Pleasant Always-Online Reminder

The Xbox LIVE servers went down today. We highly doubt it was a hack, but the outage is a reminder of how annoying an internet connection can be at times.

“Paralyzed” Gamer Scams $20,000 in Donations, Walks During Live Stream

Here's the story of a dog, a fish store, and two thieves who abuse the kindness of strangers by faking a disability.