THQ Files for Bankruptcy

The attempt to transition from the child gaming market and rebound from a failed hardware launch is over as THQ has officially filed for chapter 11 bankruptcy.

Five O’Clock Fan Art: Thane Krios

Can we all just agree that Thane is the best part of the Mass Effect series?

Five O’Clock Fan Art: A Very Scribblenauts Holiday

So this guy saves the world by scribbling words into a notebook, but if I scribble some words on the wall of my local supermarket, I get taken to jail?

Under The Radar: Devil’s Tuning Fork

The tuning fork tolls for thee in this unique indie game.

The Last of Us – Meet Tess, Cinematic Process Video

Do you know Tess? I mean really know her. If not, here's your chance.

Beenox Founder Moves On – New Boss, Same as the Old Boss?

Beenox founder, Dee Brown, leaves the company he founded in capable and familiar hands.

Machinima Lays Off 10 Percent of Staff, Still Hiring

Nothing says "happy holidays" like some mid December "corporate restructuring".

Five O’Clock Fan Art: Mario Mash-up

It's me, Mario! And Link. And, uh, Samus.

Disconnected for the Holidays – Tabletop Games for Digital Fiends

Can't take your console or PC with you for the holidays? Here are some offline alternatives to get your gaming fix.

Five O’Clock Fan Art: Assassin’s Creed III

You can't even stay on your horse, you stupid assassin.

Hear The Good Book According To Metro: Last Light, Then Get Metro 2033 For...

THQ is now just up and giving out games through it's Facebook page. Read on for more details.

Classic Warhammer 40K Board Game Space Hulk Coming to Digital Platforms

Get ready to face your friends on a derelict space craft in the upcoming digital conversion of Space Hulk.

The Walking Dead Shambles to the Top of 2012’s Best

It's ok if you don't like Telltale's The Walking Dead, just don't insult the entire industry by denying that it is a game.

Company of Heroes is a Movie, Co-Written by Former THQ VP Danny Bilson

A direct-to-retail movie, to be more precise. With a plot straight out of Wolfenstein to boot.

Under The Radar: QWOP And Involuntary Runner

Let's get physical with a couple of games that focus on the particulars of the human body.