Force Unleashed II No Longer for PSP

LucasArts has recently confirmed that the long awaited sequel to the original Force Unleashed will now be skipping the Playstation Portable train station...

Five O’Clock Fan Art: Shy Guy

Today's fan art features a Shy Guy that isn't so shy, now that he has a little friend to back him up.

New Video Game Documentary Asks if We’ve Learned Anything

In a time when video game sales as a whole are down, and it seems like retail box sales are falling, gaming companies need...

THQ and Double Fine Team up for Costume Quest

During a recent interview, Double Fine founder Tim Schafer foretold the coming of four new games from the developer, each spanning a different genre and being a smaller production than some of their past fare, such as Brütal Legend. And today, the first of those four games has been revealed.

Plants vs. Zombies Game of the Year Edition Now For Sale on PC

Popcap games and Valve have announced that the Game of the Year edition of Plants Vs Zombies is available now on Steam and on PopCap's home page...

Star Studded Voice Cast of New Vegas Announced

Viva New Vegas!! The voice cast for what is sure to be a contender for RPG of the year has been announced, and it's filled with some suprise and not-so suprising names!!

Club Nintendo Reward Review: Bowser Folder Set w/ Bookmarks

The Bowser Folder Set w/ Bookmarks is one of the least expensive Club Nintendo rewards. The set comes with three folders and three matching bookmarks featuring Bowser, ...

Mafia II Demo Available Now on Steam

2K have finally released the PC demo of Mafia II on Steam, which gives you ten precious minutes to play with a small part of the game's city environment...

WiiPhoto App Links Your iPhone to Your Wii!!

WiiPhoto, a new app for the iPhone, has just been released. The app has an innovative new idea: share photos from your iPhone to your Wii!!

Kinect Beta Invites Being Released

Microsoft is now offering Beta codes to select Xbox 360 users. Those selected will receive the software and hardware early, and be able to play with the new system without having to wait in lines at demo kiosks!

Five O’Clock Fan Art: Sonic

Stupid hedgehog, you're not using that toilet properly! Today's fan art features everyone favorite blue speedster in a very unflattering situation.

Why Art Should be Free and the Machinarium Pirate Amnesty Sale is Brilliant

Until August 12th, you can purchase the fantastic adventure game Machinarium for only $5. Also I think everything should be free. This post covers both those subjects.

StarCraft 2 The Most Pirated Game of 2010 So Far

According to statistics collected and analyzed by the popular torrent blog TorrentFreak, StarCraft 2 is the most pirated game of 2010 so far, with over 260,000 copies downloaded illegally...

Call of Duty: Black Ops Multiplayer Teaser Revealed

Activision and Treyarch have today released a showreel of multiplayer footage from Call of Duty: Black Ops, which shows off just a few of the new weapons available in the game, including a brilliant-looking RC car bomb...

Split/Second DLC Coming Later This Month

Later this month, we'll be getting three new packs of Split/Second content, which will bring new customization options and vehicles to the already exciting racer.