Plants Wage War on Zombies on Xbox Live Arcade September 8th

In case you didn't already own Plants vs. Zombies on another platform (and if so, why the hell not?) or at least, on enough platforms (three and counting!) you'll be pleased to know that PopCap will be dropping Plants vs. Zombies on Xbox Live next month, on September 8th.

Oregon Trail Movie Trailer Contains Memories, Buffalo, Dysentery

We've all traveled the Oregon Trail at some point in our lives, just like we've all died from Dysentery. This faux movie trailer captures all of those memories and reminds us just how ridiculous that game truly was ...

Why You AND Your Kids Will Love LEGO Universe

Back in 1997, when LEGO Island became the first video game based on LEGO, no one could have imagined what the franchise would have become. Nearly 40 games and thirteen years from that first step, we now have LEGO Universe. And it lives up to the pedigree.

Five O’Clock Fan Art: The Bible

That's right, you sinful gamers! Today's fan art is from the Christian Bible and depicts the moment when Abraham smashed all of those videogame consoles and accessories. What a crazy time that was ...

Call of Duty Map Packs Sell Over 20 Million Units

Activision announced today the sales of the Call of Duty series downloadable map packs, and as of June 30, 2010, the map packs have accounted for over 20 million units sold.

Play HoN For Free All Week!!

That's right, everyone's favorite uber hardcore DOTA-esque clone is free to play all week this week.  If you haven't yet tried Heroes of Newerth,...

God of War: Ghost of Sparta Coming to PSP November 2nd

Those of you waiting for news on the newest entry to the God of War franchise will have to wait no longer, as Sony is announcing today that Ghost of Sparta, the sequel to 2008's incredible Chains of Olympus, will hit the PSP on November 2nd, right in time for you to put it on your Christmas wishlists.

Ripten Review: Tritton AX720 Gaming Headset

Xbox 360 headsets are flooding the market. There's so many choices and I really think there's too many to choose from for your everyday average gamer. There's no shortage of confusion about what product is best, if it's worth the huge price tag, and more importantly, will it help you up your game. Well I've definitely found my answer, and I want to help you find yours...

New Medal of Honor Live Action Trailer Is Awesome

When it comes to video game trailers, live action seems to be the shoulder pad trend of the 2000's. Skate does them, Halo does them, and now Medal of Honor does too. However, this one is pure awesome sauce...

Official Dirt 3 Trailer Released

Codemasters have released the trailer for Dirt 3 at the ESPN X-games!! We reported on this yesterday, so it should come as no surprise to you - but the trailer can be watched right here.

Halo: Reach “Battle Begins” Trailer Is Live!

The Halo: Reach release date is getting alarmingly close and Spartans the world over are wetting their armor in anticipation. Check out this new trailer and let us know what you think ...

China Online Gaming Law Going Into Effect

China's new online gaming law, designed to cut down on the amount of time gamers spend playing online, goes into effect today, August 1st ...

Junkboy’s Pixelated Demakes Make For Incredible Fan-Art

Despite the heavy focus a lot of gamers tend to put on graphics in this day and age, I will always stand by the idea that games can be fun and enjoyable without having flashy, realistic, "next-gen" graphics. Way of the Pixel member & pixel artist Junkboy can probably back me up on this too, as he has created over twenty pixelated video game "demake" pieces that support such an idea.

Lost Nintendo Games Volume 3. Disaster Day Of Crisis

Disaster Day of Crisis is a third person action adventure game for the Nintendo Wii. This game was first shown at E3 2006 along with the Wii. Disaster Day of Crisis wasn’t playable at the event, but the game was ...

New Game Releases: 8/1 – 8/7

The first week of August 2010 doesn't give us much to be excited about in terms of new game releases, however, there are a few good ones on the list including Castlevania: Harmony of Despair for the 360 and Earthworm Jim HD for the PS3.