BioShock Infinite: Complete Voice Casting List

Irrational Games has released the full list of voice talent behind BioShock Infinite, and it features some names you've heard of (both literally and figuratively.)

Saint’s Row IV Announced for this Summer

Things are gonna get really over-the-top this summer with Saints Row IV.

King of the Game: Lara Croft vs Pitfall Harry (RipTen 2007)

Here's a look back at a RipTen feature from 2007 featuring a comic strip battle between Lara Croft and Pitfall Harry.

YAGER Licenses Unreal Engine 4 for Free to Play FPS Next-Gen Title?

If you enjoyed the Unreal Engine 3 powered Spec Ops: The Line, European indie studio, YAGER, has some future plans they're prepping for on the next generation of consoles...

Maxis Dev Says SimCity Was Designed to Handle Internet Outages

The unfortunate launch problems of SimCity continue with a damning accusation about the necessity of a constant connection.

Five O’Clock Fan Art: Metroid Snowglobe

I personally don't care for snowglobes, but I would buy up this one in a second. Somebody help Fallout161 make this happen.

New BioShock Infinite ‘False Shepherd’ Trailer Reminds us to Draw First

Here's the latest one-liner-laden BioShock Infinite trailer. Watch it ten times for good measure.

Let Slip The Dogs Of War: A Sang-Froid Preview

Artifice Games' werewolf focused game takes on-the-ground tower defense in a different direction.

Gearbox: No Connection Between Borderlands 2 Level Cap Increase and New Character DLC

Gearbox sheds some light on the Borderlands 2 new level cap and character DLC concerns.

Minecraft Gets Xbox 360 Retail Edition April 30th

Mojang and Microsoft have announced that Minecraft is coming to the Xbox 360 as a $20 retail release on April 30th in the US.

Bethesda Opens Online Store, Bring Vaults of Pre-War Money

The Official Bethesda Store is now online and that means you should not be visiting it unless you don't mind parting with mass quantities of your hard earned cash.

Five O’Clock Fan Art: Dudley

The best boxers have fancy mustaches. I bet KurkoBoltsi has the best mustache.

CD Projekt RED Confirms Cyberpunk 2077 Multiplayer Component

Cyberpunk 2077 is not the name of a new Greenday Album.

Bitsquid Game Engine Coming to PlayStation 4

Bitsquid has announced today that their "high-end game engine" will be coming to the PlayStation 4 soon.

Five O’Clock Fan Art: Tela Vasir

Hey baby, hows' about I be your Captain Kirk? I feel like LuckyFK truly is a lucky fk with talent like that. Five O’Clock Fan...