Microsoft: No New Xbox at E3 or Anytime Soon, Bloomberg Says Possibly 2013

If you were hoping for a new Xbox to debut at E3, you might be a little disappointed...

What is the Real Impact of the XBLA Gamerscore Increase?

You may find yourself downloading games much more frequently thanks to the upcoming increase in Gamerscore points for Xbox LIVE Arcade games.

‘Diablo III’ Release Date Announced: See You May 15th, My Friend

PC and Mac brothers (and sisters), on May 15th, we dine in hell! We finally have a Diablo III release date!

Geeked Out: Paragon ‘Mass Effect 3’ Themed Controller

Etsy shop owner's hand-painted and modded a Xbox controller worthy for the most die-hard paragon.

Religion is a Weapon in ‘Civilization V: Gods and Kings’

Most game developers would rather ignore religion altogether as to avoid any sort of controvery. But not Sid Meier. He and his team at Firaxis went and built a whole expansion around it.

Activision vs West and Zampella – To Infinity and Beyond

After two years, the legal battle between Activision and former Infinty Ward heads is getting underway.

Double Fine’s Kickstarter Surpasses $3.3 Million As Funding Ends

More good news for fans of adventure games as Double Fine's attempt to reinvigorate the genre continues to find backing from the developer's faithful followers.

‘Wasteland 2’ Kickstarter Goes Live, Clears $100k Mark Within Hours (Update)

Roleplayers rejoice, the game that inspired Fallout is finally getting a sequel... if the fans want it.

Stuff That Never Gets Old: Ah Yes, “Reapers”

Indeed, Ah Yes, "Reapers" is stuff that never gets old. Thank you Councilor Valern for your short sightedness and, of course, your "air quotes"


Remember when we said that Bioware didn't lie about the Mass Effect 3 DLC? We're standing by that.

RipTen Retrograde: ‘Fortified Zone’ (GB, 1991)

The only thing more fortified than the Fortified Zone are those haircuts. And that headband. And the shirtless dude.

Mojang’s ‘Scrolls’ is Still ‘Scrolls,’ Legal Tussle with Bethesda Over

The legal wrangling between Zenimax/Bethesda and Mojang is over, with the lawyers the only winners.

Diablo III Puts PvP On Hold, Fans React

Blizzard is putting PvP on hold, but that means Diablo III is much, much closer. Also, we're trying to find a definition for the word "soon."

RipTen Review: Street Fighter X Tekken (Xbox 360)

Street Fighter x Tekken is a love letter to anyone who has enjoyed a 2D fighting game this generation.

New Video Game Releases: March 12 – March 18

We finally get a bit of a breather this week, a few strong releases stand out in a much smaller pack.