RUMOR: The Next Game in the Batman: Arkham Series Might Be a Prequel

Could the next installment for the Caped Crusaser be a prequel? Insert your "Holy _____, Batman" jokes here.

RUMOR: Halo 2 Anniversary May Be In Development

You may find another HD redux of the Halo series awaiting your attention very soon.

Will the Angry Birds Pigs Get Their Time to Shine?

Are the pigs just as angry as the birds? We may find out if reports of a new pig-centric Angry Birds title are true.

Who Will Join the Fray in PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale?

Two new possible combatants in Al-Stars may be both surprising and/or expected.

Final Fantasy VII For PC Product Description Leaked

The game I continue to have no interest in playing continues to give fans remake blue balls.

RUMOR: Mass Effect Extended Cut Product Description Leaked?

A rumor on Reddit hints at upcoming DLC and extended ending product description for Mass Effect 3.

RUMOR: Star Wars: The Old Republic May Be Considering the Free-to-Play Model

The MMO set in the galaxy far, far away may be dropping its monthly fee.

E3 2012 Rumor: Nintendo Readying Wii U Tour?

Is Nintendo planning a Wii U tour for the public? Some Club Nintendo members are getting invites to a bash in NYC.

RUMOR: Ghost Recon: Final Mission and AC III Coming to Vita

We really hope Ghost Recon and Assassin's Creed III are coming to Vita.

Could The New Xbox And Playstation Be Released As Soon As 2013?

A recently revealed legal contract points to a 2013 Xbox and Playstation launch. According to the contract...

RUMOR: Could PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale Come to Vita?

According to one sound designer, Playstation All-Stars Battle Royale is Vita-bound.

RUMOR: Wii U Controller Redesign Revealed

A Traveller's Tales game tester supposedly shared an image of a redesigned Wii U controller via Twitter. Someone is probably in hot water.

RUMOR: Star Wars 1313 Trademark Could Lead to Boba Fett Game

How does a possible sequel to Star Wars: Bounty Hunter featuring Boba Fett sound to you?

Have the First Round of Wii U Titles Been Leaked?

Wondering what you may be able to play at the Wii U launch? A UK Blockbuster may have just leaked a promising list of 25 titles.

RUMOR: Cole of inFamous to be in PlayStation All-Stars

Will Cole make the cut for PlayStation All-stars Battle Royale? Things are looking up for inFamous fans.