Crytek Working on New Game for EA, Could it be Crysis 3?

Crytek and EA is hiring for an unannounced game. Could this be for Crysis 3?

Rumor: A Brand New Day for MechAssault?

Day 1 Studios returns to its roots in a 30 sec teaser clip with words and an image, perhaps hinting at a new MechAssault game.

The PS Vita is Doomed (and Other Overreactions)

The PS Vita is not even officially released world wide and people are already digging its grave.

Rumor: Next Microsoft System Code Named Durango, Sadly Not Canyonero

Reportedly the next-gen Microsoft console is code-named Durango?

Mortal Kombat vs Street Fighter? Sure, Why Not?

Just in time for Valentines Day, a tweet by Ed Boon teases about a possible Street Fighter and Mortal Kombat courtship.

Spark is Working on a Sci-Fi Shooter – Could it be Star Wars Battlefront...

Star Wars Battlefront 3 has been long rumored but now forgotten. Could it finally be returning?

Possible Battlefield 3 DLC Announcement Next Week

During an investors call, EA VP of Investor Relations Peter C. Ausnit said, "You're going to hear some announcements..."

Is “Outernauts” Insomniac’s Next Game?

Insomniac Games made some people weep last week after revealing that they'd stop working on the Resistance franchise...

Halo 4 to Make Appearance at Microsoft Spring Showcase?

Rumor has it that the cybernetically-enhanced super-cat may be out of the bag at the end of the month...

Square Enix Working on Unannounced Title, Could It Be Kane and Lynch 3?

Tetsuya Nomura has said that Square Enix have a 'secret team' working on an unannounced game ...

Konami Keeps Dropping Lords of Shadow Sequel Hints

Still waiting on that Lords of Shadow sequel? You may have to wait awhile longer.

Rumors Say The Next Xbox Will Play Blu-rays, But Not Used Games

Not down with online passes? Well the industry is, and it could be getting far worse.

Is Rocksteady Working on a Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Game?

Rocksteady is known for perfecting the super hero game. Could TMNT be next?

Rumor: Nintendo Condsidering Name Change for Wii U

Sources close to Nintendo are suggesting that the company is reconsidering the Wii U's name.