Peter Molyneux’s Evil Twin Ain’t “Lion”(head)

Peter Molyneux makes promises. So does Peter Molydeux. Guess whose are getting fulfilled first. (Hint: Worship the goatee.)

Doodle Jump Rejects Kevin Durant’s Game Winning Shot in Latest Sprint Spot

Sprint and Kevin Durant downplay doodle jumps to promote jump shots. Smart move?

Liquid-Plumr ‘Double Impact’ Spot Might as well be Super Mario Bros. Porn

Knock, knock. It's a-me, Mario. Me and-a my brother Luigi hear-a you need someone to snake-a you drain and plumb-a you warp pipe?

Sony’s Kevin Butler Takes New Position as VP of Bridgestone Football Technology?

Kevin Butler departs Sony for where?! Say it ain't so, ... say it ain't so.

Satirically Speaking: WoW Edition – The Panda

The following is a satirical piece. It is not meant to be taken seriously. If you take it seriously, I'm afraid there may be no hope for you.

Marky Mark’s Terrorist Vibrations: Exclusive First Look

When acts of terrorism happen in the past, Mark Wahlberg could have saved us all. Rated M for "Moron."