‘Jet Grind Radio’ Is Headed To PSN And XBLA!

Jet Set Radio is coming! What else needs to be said?

Student’s SEGA Dreamcast 2 Industrial Design Project Revives Beloved Console

Ambitious designers like Elie Ahovi remind us that it's not too late, it's never too late.

Show @RipTen Your #Dreamcast And Win This #Swagadelic Giveaway!!

You want it? You got it! But have you got what it takes to win RipTen's latest swagadelic giveaway?!

SEGA Gets Hacked – LulzSec to the Rescue!?

When it comes to hacking and lulz, pretty much everyone is fair game, unless you f**k with Sonic.

E3 2011 – The Confirmed Games List

This list is the most up to date list available and focuses exclusively on games that have been 100% confirmed.

SEGA Auctions Off Rare Swag For Japan Relief – Bid Now!

Hey SEGA fans. Now is your chance to add some extremely rare items to your gaming collection,and give to a great cause!

Australian Exclusive Dreamcast Collection Pre-order Bonus Detailed

For anyone that is looking forward to the SEGA Dreamcast collection coming out on February 24th, you have a new and very limited edition reason to be excited.

The History of Gaming – From a First-person Perspective (Video)

A group of College students from Munich have put together this terrific video which takes you through the history of gaming from a first-person perspective.

Sega Announces Dreamcast Collection for Xbox 360 and PC

Sega have announced the Dreamcast Collection for Xbox 360 and PC, which includes a selection of favourites from the legendary last Sega console.

RipTen Review: Crazy Taxi (XBLA)

Is this version of the game still "cuh-RAY-zee" enough for you to pony up the fare, or should you invest that money in public transit?

Chu Chu Rocket Coming to iPhone, Potentially XBLA and PSN

At a Sega event celebrating the Dreamcast, an 11-year old dead console, the company have announced Chu Chu Rocket for iPhone and iPad. They also note that the game could end up coming out on XBLA and PSN...

SEGA Considering Saturn Game Downloads, Knows People Want Jet Grind Radio

For the past few years, SEGA has released a nice number of their prized Genesis and somewhat-less prized Master System libraries, not only as downloadable titles, but also at retail with collections like Sonic's Ultimate Genesis Collection. More recently, they've revealed their slightly-late (that is, if you considered the tenth anniversary to be the perfect time) plans to make downloadable Dreamcast titles available for the PlayStation Network and Xbox LIVE Arcade.

The $10,000+ eBay SEGA Collection Auction

See that? That is what is known as "the tip of the iceberg."

Select Dreamcast Games Coming To XBL Arcade & PSN Later This Year

It's the moment classic gaming nerds like Keith Apicary have been waiting for since Sega pulled out of the console race in 2002. Sega has decided to bring back the Dreamcast experience ...

Sega Dreamcast Boombox Mod, It’s Jammin’

Depending on where you live, today could very well be considered an ideal day for a cookout with friends and family (I know this because I'm being dragged out the door as type) ...