Five O’Clock Fan Art: Sonic

Stupid hedgehog, you're not using that toilet properly! Today's fan art features everyone favorite blue speedster in a very unflattering situation.

Why Do Speedy Characters Drive Cars?

Q: "Why would Sonic the Hedgehog be wanting to learn how to drive?"

Sonic Gets Back to His Roots with New Mini-Figures

Hate green eyes and long limbs on your high-speed hedgehogs? Then these figures might be right up your alley.

Five O’Clock Fan Art: Sonic the Hedgehog

Five O’Clock Fan Art is perfect for wrapping up the work day. You don’t want to think anymore, you just want to look at awesome things. And there’s nothing more awesome than a well crafted piece of videogame fan art. If you don’t agree, what the hell are you doing at a gaming blog?

Vintage Sega Ad Drops Sexual Innuendo

First there were the Nintendo Condoms, now we have this saucy Sega ad from way back in the day. If there's a story that combines videogames with sex, apparently I'm the writer for the job!

Hedgehog Double Feature: Sonic 2 XL & Doomsday Zone Animation

Today, we have two Sonic the Hedgehog videos on display, one of which is from Sonic the Hedgehog 2. If it weren't Friday, we would dub this "Sonic 2sday." And then be promptly sued by SEGA for infringing on their advertising gimmick of 1992.

Sonic Becomes a Badass, Tails is a Girl, and Eggman is Still Awesome

The week started off with a bang for Sonic fans, as a representative for SEGA revealed that there would be a "franchise-changing" announcement to come today. People went nuts with a number of theories as to what it could all mean, with the most prominent rumor being that Sonic and friends would be getting a new voice cast.

Sega Scraps Console Patches for Aliens vs Predator

In a post on the Sega community forums, it was announced that the new patches for Aliens vs Predator have been canceled.

SEGA: Sonic Colors is for Kids, Sonic 4 is for Older Gamers

While there are many of us older gamers are looking forward to Sonic Colors more so than Sonic the Hedgehog 4, Sega is saying it's suppose to be the other way around.

Sonic Colors Update, and “Franchise-Changing” Announcement Still to Come?

It looks like SEGA is back to rattling some cages with Sonic info this week.

Sonic Colors Allowing GameCube & Classic Controllers?

Controller compatibility can be something of a problem when it comes to playing some games, and in particular, Wii games. Despite the number of options available to developers, they don't always take advantage of them, leaving something of a bothersome nuisance in place for players to either deal with, or move on.

SEGA Makes “Commercial Decision” Not to Attend gamescom

Sure, you can try to lock SEGA on to gamescon 2010, but all you'll be greeted with is "no way." Worse still, you won't even get to play the blue ball game for trying!

Alpha Protocol Just Became Omega Protocol, Too

SEGA's third-person espionage role-playing game, Alpha Protocol, did not quite win over the hearts and minds of gamers everywhere when it came out. And though the concept behind the game was "brilliant," even some of the game's developers have allegedly come out against its release. So, then: what chance is there for a sequel?

New Vanquish Gameplay Kicks Ass and Takes Names

I don't think I saw too much of Vanquish until our E3 preview went up, but what I've seen of the game looks very, very impressive. I had already put it on my list of games to check out this year, but now that gameplay footage from Platinum Games's newest shooter has dropped, I feel like it deserves a higher place of honor in my Rest of 2010 hierarchy.

We’ve Had Sonic on Nintendo Systems, So Why Not Mario on SEGA?

While New Super Mario Bros. Wii may have skyrocketed to over 15 million copies sold worldwide, that doesn't mean people are any less fascinated with the original NES blockbuster. And as it so happens, some of those people are doing fascinating things with it.