PlayStation 2

God of War Movie Adaptation Receives a New Pair of Writers

Look forward to two hours of "Ares!" beng yelled at a movie theater near you.

New FCC Filing Provides More Fuel for Playstation 4 Rumors

Sony has filed two new model numbers with the FCC that could very well be for the new Playstation... and possibly something we didn't expect.

Original Max Payne Developer Supports Rockstar’s Takeover of the Franchise

Remedy's CEO has given his seal of approval to Rockstar's Max Payne 3

Persona 3: FES Coming to PlayStation Network Next Week

The Atlus classic "Persona 3: FES" is hitting the PlayStation Store next week, and it's definitely something you should be looking into.

The Watercooler: Stick it Where?

The Watercooler is the best thing you will see on the Internet today, mainly because it is the best thing I saw on the Internet yesterday- often silly, controversial, and/or not safe for work.

Persona 4: The Golden Out for PlayStation Vita June 14th in Japan

The upgraded Vita version of Shin Megami Tensei: Persona 4 packaged as "The Golden", will be out on the 14th of June in Japan.

Trademark Suggests Sony Working on its Own Version of Kinect

If a trademark published this month is to be believed, Sony seems to be working on its own version of Microsoft's Kinect.

Killzone Re-Release for PS3 Delayed “Indefinitely”

Killzone's official Twitter page has said that a re-release of Killzone for PS3 has been delayed until further notice.

Uncharted 4: The Last of Us – Starring Jak and Daxter

Naughty Dog puts the dampers on fan hopes for a new Jak & Daxter game... for now.

New Video Game Releases: Nov. 7 – Nov. 13

The first full week of November explodes onto the gaming scene as possibly the biggest release week of the year. Are you ready?

RipTen Asks: If You Could Be Any GTA Character, Who Would You Be?

This week we take our questions to the wild streets of the Grand Theft Auto franchise.

Grand Theft Auto III “Thank You For Your Support” 10th Anniversary Trailer

Rockstar Games have released a special trailer for GTA III and wanted to thank all the fans...

Konami Drops More Details on the Metal Gear Solid HD Collection

Is there a pricetag for this awesome Snake-tastic package? Not yet... so stay tuned.

“NBA’s Greatest” include Jordan, Magic, Kareem, Wilt and Larry in NBA 2K12

Fans have certainly speculated about who would round out the "NBA's Greatest" roster in 2K12...

NBA 2K12 Soundtrack Features Eminem, Busta Rhymes, Cee-Lo and More

2K Sports has announced the complete soundtrack for their upcoming NBA 2K12, featuring 28 songs!!