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Cinematic Trailer for ‘Mass Effect 3’ Coming This Sunday With ‘The Walking Dead’

It's time to take Earth back. Check out part of a cinematic trailer for Mass Effect 3.

Sony Boss Originally Thought ‘Demon’s Souls’ was ‘Crap’

Sony passed on publishing Demon's Souls in one of the biggest mistakes of this generation.

Mo-cap Animator’s LinkedIn Profile Unintentionally Reveals New ‘Medal of Honor’ and Confirms ‘God of...

There's a lot you can tell from a LinkedIn profile. God of War 4 and a new Medal of Honor accidentally leaked.

Far Cry 3 Teaser Trailer is Bangin’

Wait for the drop: Ubisoft have released a dubstep-infused teaser for a trailer of Far Cry 3.

Snaaaake! Metal Gear Online Shutting Doors for Good Soon

Konami has just done the impossible. They've killed Solid Snake... or at least his online functionality.

Don’t Forget! The Mass Effect 3 Demo Is Out Today!

Looking to celebrate the love and romance with your significant other? Do it with some Mass Effect!

Has Hell Frozen Over? Call of Duty: Black Ops Wins Award for Best Ending

The Call of Duty games are rarely praised for their story. All except Black Ops, which just got an award for best ending.

Beenox Amazing Spider-Man Video Game “Big” Reveal Tease is a Webbed Exclusive

An Amazing Spider-Man game reveal is so close that a properly functioning spider-sense would surely detect it.

Spin a Whole New Web of Action and Acrobatics in Beenox’s Amazing Spider-Man

Amazing Spider-Man fans get their questions about the game answered on the official Facebook page.

RipTen Review: UFC Undisputed 3 (Xbox 360)

Not only have THQ succeed in making a sports game feel fresh and unique, they've created the most complete and robust MMA game on the planet.

I’m Commander Shepard and This… OMG! MASS EFFECT 3 IS GOLD!

Casey Hudson announces that Mass Effect 3 has gone gold ahead of its March 6th release date.

Ninja Gaiden’s Ryu Hayabusa Builds His Dynasty in Latest Warriors Orochi (Hands-On)

Tecmo Koei is bringing their multi-million unit selling Warriors series back with DW: Next and Warriors Orochi 3.

Zen Studio’s Pinball FX2 Scratches RPG Itch with New Epic Quest Table

Zen Studios' new pinball table is going to save the princess with Diablo flare.

EA Takes Leap of Faith on SSX Reboot (Hands On)

SSX is back with bigger courses, intense boss battles and a full suite of online and social features.

RipTen Review: Gotham City Imposters (XBLA)

Gotham City Impostors has a sense of humor, separating it from the typical down-and-dirty shooter. Is Gotham worth visiting without the bat?