PlayStation 4

Killzone: Shadow Fall E3 Gameplay Demo

If you've got an interest in the upcoming Killzone: Shadow Fall, you really should check out this video. It's about 20 minutes long, featuring developer...

Nintendo Not Planning A Wii U Price Drop

With new hardware offerings from Microsoft and Sony on the horizon, many might have assumed that Nintendo would be planning a price drop for...

Insomniac’s Ted Price Explains Sunset Overdrive “Only on Xbox One” E3 Statement

RipTen spoke to Ted Price at E3 and asked him what he meant by his only on Xbox One statement.

Microsoft Reveals The Price Of Xbox One Software

While E3 told us what to expect for the pricing of each console, neither Microsoft nor Sony told us what to expect the games...

PlayStation 4’s Predicted Launch Offerings

Launches, as we know, can make or break a console. We have an idea of what to suspect from the Xbox One launch, but...

Molyneux Unhappy With Xbox One Showing At E3

To say that Peter Molyneux has a tendency to make statements that are a little out there would be an understatement of epic proportions....

Sony Won’t Require PS Plus Subscription For F2P Games… Some Publishers Might, Though

Sony Worldwide Studios head Shuhei Yoshida has outlined a few more details about the future of PlayStation Plus. While it was confirmed at Sony's...

Amazon Lists Xbox One Controllers At $60; PS4 The Same

While knowing the base price of a console is always a good thing, another common cost at launch is a new controller. Generally, only...

Sony Raising PS4 Sales Projections

Easy, there, Sony. Don't go counting your chickens before they're in front of the horse. Or however that saying goes.

PlayStation 4’s Policies Not Deliberately Designed To Counter Microsoft

It may seem like Sony is ahead of Microsoft at just about every turn, but that may be down to nothing more then serendipity.

New Mirror’s Edge Will Hopefully Be More Expansive

Will this be the game that the first one could have been? Oh, I hope so.

Bethesda Confirms That The Evil Within And Wolfenstein: The New Order Will Grace The...

More games confirmed for the next generation as well as the current one.

Kingdom Hearts III… Wait Really?! What’s In That Trailer?

Square finally decided to announce Kingdom Hearts III when I wasn't around, but at least the trailer has given me a couple of hints on what the game will be like.

Sony E3 2013 Press Conference: A Stunning Blow

Defining itself against its competitor, Sony closed day zero of E3 with strong positions and strong games.

Madden 25 Connected Franchise Will ‘Transition in Full’ to Xbox One and PS4

The Xbox One and PS4 versions of Madden 25 looks great, but will it have the depth found in the current gen release?