RipTen Review: The Testament of Sherlock Holmes (PC)

Frogwares' latest game in the Sherlock series represents a huge leap forward in graphics and overall polish, while maintaining what makes the series fun in the first place.

Ripten Review: Tryst (PC)

A game heralded as 'the next Starcraft' has a lot of hype to live up to, but Tryst doesn't fulfill the promise.

RipTen Review: Torchlight II (PC)

Take a moment from clicking away to check out our Torchlight II review. Your skill trees will still be there when you return.

Become a Ninja on Steam with Mark of the Ninja Next Month

Despite a stealthy release on Xbox Live, Mark of the Ninja is raising awareness with its upcoming Steam release.

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The Walking Dead is a strong narrative-focused game, and Episode 3 is the strongest yet in the series.

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Can a global offensive revitalize the Counter-Strike name for a new generation?

Making Steam Faster With The Connectify Dispatch

Upcoming Connectify software will allow users to download faster than ever before (as long as they have spare Internets lying around).

Steam Looking to Strengthen Community Through Game Hubs

Steam is launching a new game hub which will allow users to share and vote on content.

RipTen Review: The Expendables 2 Videogame (PS3)

This explosive, top-down arcade shooter based on the movie just isn't explosive enough to bother with.

Valve To Sell Non-Game Software Through Steam

The game distribution juggernaut will now be a market for other types of software. Your Steam word processor will accept "Gaben."

Skyrim 1.7 Beta Patch Now Available on Steam

Bethesda is allowing Steam users to test a beta version of their latest patch, which fixes both the Kinect supports and Dawnguard DLC

Spec Ops: The Line and Some Other Stuff – Steam Summer Sale (Day 6)

The horrors of war and the terror of your wallet meet today.

Steam Greenlight Will Let Players Choose Steam Titles

Introducing Steam Greenlight, which will let players decide which indie titles make their way to the online distribution service.

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"Starved for Help" continues the story 3 months after the first episode ended, and it's an experience you won't want to miss.

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Is Quantum Conundrum more than just a Portal knockoff? Read our review and find out.