Having Performance Issues With The Witcher 2? This May Help

While many people have been able to enjoy CDProjekt's latest RPG carefree at whatever settings they choose, many of the most hardcore PC gamers have been having serious performance issues with the game.

Brink Updates Will Adress Lag Issues – Should Be Coming Next Week

Bethesda has given us an update on the updates that will soon be coming to Brink.

Valve Not Showing Any Titles At E3 2011

Why do you torture us so? No Half Life 3? No Counter Strike 2? Not Even any DotA 2 action!? I think I speak for everyone when I say...

Brink Updates Incoming – First DLC Will Be Free!

Some people have been experiencing "issues" with Brink. Bethesda and Splash Damage are working to address these issues. Better yet...

Section 8: Prejudice Assault Mode Unlocked Thanks To 10 Million Kills

Time Gate has made good on their promise and unlocked the new "Assault" Multiplayer Mode...

Osama Bin Laden’s Compound Recreated in Counter-Strike: Source

The compound in Abbottabad where Osama Bin Laden was found and killed has been recreated in Counter-Strike: Source.

Medal of Honor and Battlefield Games 50%-75% Off Today

EA week continues on Steam today with deals on games in the Medal of Honor and Battlefield series.

Valve Definitely Not Done With Single Player Gaming

Just over a week ago RipTen reported on a supposed rumor that Valve was parting ways with singleplayer gaming elements after the release of...

Mass Effect Series, Men of War Pack On Sale Today Only

Steam's week of EA sales continue today with Mass Effect, and Men of War is 66% off this weekend.

The Sims 3 and Sim City 4 on Sale Today Only

Steam's 'EA week' continues today with a sale on Sims-based products, with The Sims 3, its DLC, and Sim City 4 all discounted.

Plants vs Zombies, Need for Speed Series on Sale

Steam is offering Plants vs Zombies and three Need for Speed games at big discounts today (up to 75% off).

Fallout: New Vegas DLC Officially Dated and Detailed

It's about damn time, ya dig? We've known about all this DLC for quite a while, but now it's official.

Did You Know Nvidia and ATi Card Owners Can Get Free Games From Steam?

If you own an Nvidia or ATi GPU (which you probably do) You can get four games from Steam absolutely free.

Fallout New Vegas Patch Adds Optimization, Stability and Balance

Fallout: New Vegas 1.3 is upon us PC gamers. With it come some great changes that should make the game run and play better on your system.

RipTen Review: Portal 2 (Xbox360)

I'm happy to tell you that Portal 2 thrives on it's added length, and that all the extra content is, in a word, awesome.