Call of Duty: Black Ops Patch Live on Steam – Addresses Exploits, Sniper Tweaks,...

The latest patch for CoDBlOps has been deployed on steam. Here are the patch notes in case you are too fking lazy to find them yourself.

Calculations Complete: Portal 2 Out Now

The bars are full and the date is upon us: Portal 2 has been released.

Help Portal 2 Release Early By Playing Indie Games!!

Aperture's mysterious countdown has ended and Valve has revealed that the only way we're going to get Portal 2 to release any earlier is by

Aperture Science Starts Mysterious Countdown. Portal 2 Releasing Early?… or Something More? (Update)

A mysterious countdown has begun over at Aperture Science and it's counting down to...

Playstation 3 Steam Details Finally Revealed!!

It's about time. Just as we'd hoped, Valve has told us exactly what sort of Steam features will be available on the PS3 alongside Portal 2 next week.

These Portal 2 “Boots” Were Made For Walkin’… and Jumping… and Falling

Valve has released their final video to promote Portal 2. It showcases the Long Fall Boots as the "latest in...

Pre-Order Dungeon Siege III on Steam – Get Dungeon Siege I and II Free!

Valve and Square-Enix have announced that with the Steam pre-order of Dungeon Siege 3...

Aperture Laboratories Release Third Investment Video: Turrets

Aperture and Valve have released a third video attempting to tempt investors into pre-ordering Portal 2.

Shattered Horizon Finally Gets Single Player – Now 50% Off On Steam

Remember that sweet outer-space multiplayer FPS Futuremark made? Well now you can play it by yourself!!

Aperture Laboratories Encourage Investment With Second Video

Aperture Laboratories have revealed their next attempt to boost stock prices in the form of another investment video.

F1 2011 Coming In September – F1 2010 Now 50% Off

Codemasters have announced that F1 2011 will be coming out this September, and Steam is...

Aperture Laboratories Attempt to Boost Stock With Video Series

Aperture Laboratories have announced a new video series designed to showcase the "many lucrative products in development" at the company. In case you're not in on the joke - yes, this is about Portal 2.

Steam Update Brings Better Voice Chat

Valve have announced that Steam's voice chat system has been upgraded, giving a better quality of voice communication on the platform.

Valve to Release Meet the Medic “Soon”

A fan who visited the Valve studio has said that the company are planning to release the next video in the Team Fortress 2 'Meet the...' series "soon".

Behold! The First Portal 2 TV Commercial

Not feeling as clever and witty as Valve tonight? It's St. Patrick's Day after all. So shaddap and watch these robots be clever and make holes in the wall.