Stuff That Never Gets Old: Skyrim + Techno Viking = Great Justice

Techno Viking was made for Skyrim, and he will dance the dance of a proud male Nord. He's also probably going to skin some animals and stuff.

This Skyrim Rap Literally Spits Hot Fire

There have been plenty of epic Skyrim related videos released since the game has been announced... but nothing like this.

Uncharted 3 BTS Video Explores the Historical Inspiration Behind the Game

Sony has released the last of its behind-the-scenes videos for Uncharted 3. This one focuses on historical inspirations.

This is The GTA V Trailer Recreated in GTA: San Andreas

We'll be visiting a lot of the same places that our old pal CJ wreaked havoc upon in GTA: SA, and to prove it, someone was nice enough to recrate the new GTA V trailer featuring that old tech.

Michael Bay’s Commercial for Need for Speed: The Run Is Awesome

Michael Bay threw everything he had at this commercial besides Transforming space robots.

The BioShock Infinite Voice Cast Is Insanely Committed

Irrational Games wants to squeeze every last drop of emotion out of their actors, even if that means making them cry.

Sledgehammer Says CoD Multiplayer Wasn’t Broken, They’ve Just Made It Better

As you probably know by know, there's some pretty big changes coming to the multiplayer in Modern Warfare 3.

Saints Row Cherished Memory #7 Features a Guy Owning Zombies With a Dildo

Watch a guy dressed in a bathrobe kick zombie ass with a dildo.

Saints Row: The Third Morningstar Trailer Features Burt F***ing Reynolds!

THQ has released a trailer which features Burt F***ing Reynolds!

MW3 Showcases Facebook and ELITE Integration in Latest Trailer

Activision released a new behind-the-scenes video for MW3 which demonstrates exciting Facebook and ELITE integration.

This Metal Cover of Guile’s Theme Goes With Everything

This isn't the first game music cover that this Peruvian guitar sensation has done, but it's one of the best.

The Best (Worst) Battlefield 3 Review You Will Ever See

Bro Team makes the best damn game reviews on planet Earth. Don't believe me? Well, you can jump out of a plane.

Watch This Awesome Gunslinger Spin His Revolvers Like Ocelot

Not only is YouTuber Juski1000 one hell of a gunslinger, he's so damn good, he can drop it like he's Ocelot.

New Soul Calibur V Trailer Shows Off Killer Character Creation Capabilities

Namco has released a new trailer that demonstrates the rich character creator feature for Soul Calibur V.